Let us introduce to you The Gingerbread Girl.

Once you meet her, you can't help but fall in love with this whimsical cookie character. She has one exciting adventure after another while trying to avoid becoming a tasty treat to those she encounters.

In each book, read where The Gingerbread Girl travels next and what she'll find waiting for her just around the corner while she sings, "Run, Run, Run, watch me twirl. You can't catch me, I'm The Gingerbread Girl!"

This family endeavor first took shape as a brightly illustrated rhyming book series, but before we knew it became so much more.

Build a memory with The Gingerbread Girl as you twirl around the kitchen in your apron while baking the yummy recipes you find in each story. Snuggle your Gingerbread Girl doll while listening to the adventures and sipping hot chocolate out of your Gingerbread Girl mug.

Download our free Activity Booklets, one for each book, filled with puzzles and games for all ages.

Thank you for visiting with us and keep your eye on that cookie!

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